Daily report day 5 – one minute movies

Today ( Thursday 16-2) the media and the art teams got a workshop about one minute movies. Deborah and Geert taught the students about composition, video effects, and how to use light. They showed some examples and told the students to go and make their own 1 minute movie. The one minute movie had to be in the same theme as the play and it should be made in such a way that it can be a part in the final performances.

The art and media team split up into three different groups. 1 groups that’s working with the greek team, one that’s working with the dutch team, and the last one with the Finnish. They started with making a storyboard and pitching their ideas to the teams. After some discussion all teams agreed and the actual filming of the scenes took place. The Finnish team shot a lot of scenes in and around the school. The Dutch team had to go to the beach to shoot some scenes. Both teams used a drone to make some very nice shots.

After filming the scenes, the mediateam got to work on editing the movies. They are still working on it today.

You will see the end result in the final performances!

While the mediateam was working on all the above, the other students where rehearsing with their teams. The performances are starting to take shape, and it is already looking pretty impressive. The students have to work together all te time and write their own scenes, pick music, meet with the art team, and work on learning their lines. It’s a very intense precess for the students, but it forces them to work together, get to know each other and their differences in culture.

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