Day 1 16/02/2019 Trip to Finland

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“We have to go now, just one final hug!” Mister Out said after a 45-minute wait. The students said goodbye and some parents even cried, compared to the students who were mostly bouncing around. After saying goodbye, the group started checking in, it went surprisingly fast. But when we arrived at customs things started slowing down very fast because some of us had some ‘very illegal stuff’ with us like water and deodorant, those had to be confiscated. And after around half an hour we were clear. Everybody got 10 euros to get some food and of course, everybody went to the Burger King except our small group of vegetarians they had the challenge to find a good veggie meal! Around half past six, the whole group got back at the gate and we started boarding the plane, there were some quarrels here and there about the seats but overall it was fine. Ten past seven we officially left Dutch soil. Some of the students never flew before so to put it lightly, they needed some time to get used to flying. The flight overall was smooth and calm, for us at least, I don’t know if other passengers agree with that statement. Around eleven we landed in Helsinki and the Dutch group was officially in Finland. The students got some free time to relax and maybe get something to eat and after one hour at Helsinki airport, we left for Oulu. This time the flight was a bit calmer, a lot of students were tired and sleeping except for the real diehards who were still bouncing around the plane. It was a short flight and we quickly landed in Oulu. After a short speech of mister Out, the group started heading toward the baggage carousel to get their luggage and eagerly anticipated for it. Some of the students already knew each other from earlier editions of YET and were jumping up and down out of excitement. After the Dutch got their luggage it was finally time for the students to meet each other and we YET officially begun.

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