Day 10 – Working hard

Today is a busy day for all the teams since tomorrow we have the general rehearsal so everything needs to be ready. The schedule is very busy so after Geert’s warm up everyone got straight to work.

The FI team started in the forum. The teams split into smaller groups so everyone had something to do. Both NL team and FI team worked on their dances for the show, they look amazing. Both art teams have done some finishing touches to the set like making piano keys. Both teams are hard at work making their ideas work and making last minute changes. The FI teams lunch was pushed back so that they would have more time to work in the forum. The forum is where the show will be held so it is easier to practice there. The working speed has been more speedy but the atmosphere has stayed supportive and light hearted.

The media team has stayed occupied all the time with capturing the practice on film and pictures, also with writing daily reports and editing videos. The NL team needs media team’s help with editing their film for the show. The finnish media team’s pictures were projected on to the wall in the forum so that everyone could see how they looked and decide how they will be used during the show.

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