Day 7 – New Years gala

Today is an interesting day since the new years gala is this evening. The morning started with the usual warm up by Geert. The teachers’ homework was to pick and choose the ideas that will be carried out. So after splitting into the teams everyone was excited to see what ideas were chosen. Both teams ended up with great ideas, some were different and some kinda similar. The teams are really enthusiastic to start working on their ideas for the show.

Both teams split into smaller groups to work on multiple ideas at once. For example both teams have their own dance pieces which Heidi is helping them with and at the same time other people are working on the music.

The NL team has a short movie to film for their performance, so they planned their scenes for that and checked out the places for the shots. They seem really excited for the film. The NL team also have started working on their music. We heard a little bit of it and it sounds awesome I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.

The FI stage design team has started working on their set pieces. They have been working on a cage for the performance. The FI team has also been working on their music in the music room.

The media team has been helping the dutch team with planning their film. The finns from the media team have been doing a lot of clicking today like deleting photos. Today we also learned how to use a video editing program which was interesting and kind of hard.

Lunch was different and full of joy since it was Annika’s birthday. Everyone sang for Annika in four different languages: Dutch, English, Finnish and Swedish. Mervi also got everyone cake which people really enjoyed.

After school it was time to go home and load our batteries since in the evening we will gather back at school for The New Years gala. So the day was spent getting ready for the party by getting last minute stuff and other things. People were nervous and excited for the party at the same time since it was new for the finns. The gala started at 20.30 at first there was only a small amount of people at the school but a little later more people started rolling in. The night was fun we listened to the live band and danced a lot. There was a place for the finnish people to go and chill away from the music if it got too much which was really nice. For Annika it was a special night since it was her birthday so she was the dancing queen of the night.

After the gala ended at 12.00 everyone was feeling tired and their legs were hurting from all the dancing. A couple of people even lost their voices a little. I think everyone was happy to finally get to their beds after the long night.

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