Day 6 – Some more working

Once again, we started the day with a warm-up by Geert. This time it was a group exercise to get to know each other’s names better.

Then the groups split again. Everyone in the media team went to work on separate projects, as there isn’t enough time to do everything together. The media team also worked with the other groups a lot.

The FI team started in the forum with a warm-up. The team then proceeded to explore the space where the show will be held so that it is easier to come up with ideas. Many good ideas came up and the teachers will choose the ones that we are able to fulfill. One of the ideas were to take close up pictures of different body parts which the team already started to work on. Taking the pictures was really fun and they turned out amazing. The FI art group stayed busy with using plaster to make body parts.

The NL team split into smaller groups to work and better their ideas. One group worked on the dance part of the performance. Another group started with filming video clips with the help of the media team for their part of the performance.

Almost a week has gone by in the Netherlands and the atmosphere is growing more tired especially for the finns. Coming to a new place and culture is exciting and tiring at the same time. Having to get used to all the new things takes a lot of energy. On day 6 you can really see and feel the tiredness and the homesickness is starting to creep in. But there is a lot of fun things to do to keep the mind distracted.

Today after school the evening was free so everyone could do what they pleased.

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