Day 5 – The floor is yours!

Day 5 started with warming up together in the gymnasium. The exercises involved lifting a person up on top of a mat together and other similar exercises which were kinda scary. When all the exercises were done it was time to split up in to the teams.

The FI team started by splitting their ideas for smaller groups and brainstorming on how to make the ideas tangible.

The NL team did some imagination exercises to try and get inside Herman Brood’s head.

The media team started by uploading yesterdays photos on to the website and finishing up yesterdays work.

The music team had their first meeting, and they decided on recording small parts of the hit Saturday Night by Herman Brood and putting lots of other small environmental sounds underneath it.

After some time, all of the teams got together, discussed what they did that day and shared ideas with everyone. And after the DMPC, it was time to go home. But not for long, as they had to be back at 19:00 for the floor is yours!

While the Finns were practicing their dances for the last time, some of the Dutch people were making sure the lights and the sound was okay. And when all of that was finished, the show could start!

There was a lot of dancing, a surprising amount of children’s songs, and even some of the teachers sang a few songs! It was a fun night, and everyone went home with sore legs from all the dancing.

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