Day 4 – Actually working?

We started the day with the DMPC, because we didn’t have one yesterday; we returned pretty late from Zwolle. Then when both the Finnish and Dutch students were finished, we got together for the warm-up where we had to do some different assignments with a volleyball and a gym mat.

After we were done, we got a presentation about composition by Deborah, Laura and Nicolette.

They revealed to us that this year, instead of a performance, we will be doing an experience throughout the whole school. It has never been done before during YET, so it’s a first for the people who have done YET before as well! This decision was because of Herman Brood’s diversity as a person – they thought that such a versatile person shouldn’t just be portrayed in a theater performance.

The NL team sat in the forum, where they worked together as a group to think of ideas for the final presentation.

The FI team worked in the theater studio. They were brainstorming in smaller groups, and had to draw some things as well.

The stage designers went with Deborah to a small corner of the school, where they listened to some of Herman’s songs while blindfolded.

The media team got to know each other in their own room, complete with computers and filming equipment. Then we walked around to school to get some pictures and videos, and seeing what everyone was doing so we could write about it in our daily report 🙂

During lunch everyone got together again talked about what they did this morning and even played some games. After lunch, we got back to work in the groups.

The media team got a presentation by Geert on how to take better pictures, while the other teams came up with some more ideas for the theme. And then it was time to prepare for the national presentations!

In the evening, the Finns presented first. They made a whole story about Finland throughout the seasons, did an elaborate dance and even had some live music!

When the Finns were finished, the Dutch people presented their country. They presented the whole presentation as if three people were watching television.

And when everyone finished cleaning up, it was time to go home after a long day!

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