Day 3 – Trip to Zwolle

Today, the YET group traveled to Zwolle to visit the Herman Brood museum. They departed from school at 9:00 AM by bus. The journey took 2 hours, and to test the students’ prior knowledge, a quiz was conducted during the trip by the very enthusiastic Pauline. The quiz’s subject was, of course, Herman Brood. The day before, the students had to learn facts about the rock & roller from a website created by Pauline. If you are interested in this website, you can find it here.

When the bus arrived in Zwolle, it was a 2-minute walk to reach the museum. We were welcomed into the museum’s merchandise shop by Ivo, a very hospitable man and the owner of the museum. Ivo used to live around the corner from Herman and was friends with him. He told many interesting background stories. Job Boersma provided the guided tour of the museum. He was also the one who created an exhibition of Barbie dolls and photos of Barbie dolls, which is currently on display in the same museum. This is because Herman Brood used to have a friend’s book of Barbies and there are many other links between the two interesting figures. After being guided through the museum for 1.5 hours and purchasing some merchandise, the students and teachers walked to the Pannenkoekenschip (Pancake Ship) to have lunch the Dutch way.

The students left the ship with their bellies full of pancakes to explore the city of Zwolle. They were free to go wherever they wanted. Some students went to search for a thrift store, while others looked for a “friend’s book” for the end of the project (a YET tradition). The students had to be back on the bus by 4:00 PM to return to school. Upon returning to school, the students could go straight home to join the dinner hosted by their host families.

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