Day 4 – National presentations

On Tuesday, at 8:45 am all students met at the auditorium for their daily warm up and after that every student went to his post and started their work. They took a 30-minute break and after this small break all students returned to work until 1:oo pm. Then all three teams went in different classes for rehearsals of their national presentations. They were preparing their presentations until 5:00 pm. They took a small break for dinner until 5:30 pm and then the students did their last preparations. At 6:30 pm students, teachers and some parents sat in the drama hall to see the presentation.

The Dutch were the first team that performed their play. Specifically, they carried out a quiz about the Netherlands with six questions in order to inform the audience about some daily habits in Netherlands. The next team on stage were the Greeks.  At first the narrators presented some special information about Greece and their city (Katerini), they performed a song about their country and they performed some funny sketches about some daily habits in Greece. At the end performed traditional dances. The Fins where the last team, they showed their favorite activities and some of their mannerisms, giving the other countries an introduction to Finnish culture. They presented the weather in Finland in a sarcastic way through a forecast and showed us the Finnish Christmas spirit. After the National presentation all students from every team were discussing about the presentations and congratulating each other.

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