DSC_8228Oulu’s more than a hundred-year-old market hall has had a significant impact on Oulu’s market trade. It is already more than 110 years old and has serviced the locals throughout history. Originally, the market hall was built so that the traders wouldn’t have to sell their goods outside in the poor weather.

You can buy multiple things there; home-baked delicacies, fish, meat, but also some clothing and souvenirs. You can buy many sorts of Finnish food in the market hall, but also international foods like Japanese sushi and Chinese noodles have found their way into the selection. There is also a lunch cafe where you can buy a cup of coffee, porridge or salmon soup.

DSC_8229The building was designed by Karl Lindahl and Walther Thomén in 1901. The building has a beautiful structure that has truly stood the test of time.

Text: Joost Barnhoorn
Pictures: Sam van der Plas