Day 09

DSC_8303The day started with choosing which pancakes we wanted to eat on Wednesday evening at the restaurant. Then both teams started with their DMPC like every morning.

After their DMPC there was a warming up for both of the teams. The media team and the art factory already went to their own places to work on their assignments that needed to be done. The Dutch team started in the drama hall with the technical preparations. They made sure that the lights were at the correct places for all the different scenes and that sounds and music were taking care off. The Finnish team started with normal rehearsals and in the afternoon the teams switched places.

During lunch we had potatoes and sauce with meat and some vegetables. It was also Pinja’s birthday, so we sung some birthday songs in English and Dutch!
In the evening there was a party at Johanna’s place. The YET-parties work like potlatches; everyone brings food or drink to share with the others. At the party people can talk, dance, eat and listen to music. Usually the music is something Finnish or Dutch, and the songs played at the parties stick as sort of “anthems” for YET, because they remind people of the time at the project. After the party everyone stayed to clean after themselves, so that the cleaning didn’t fall solely on the party’s host.

Not everyone went to the party, because some were tired and some were also a little bit sick. After the party everyone went home to get some sleep, so that they would be prepared for the next day.


Text: Joost Barnhoorn, Venla Aitta
Pictures: Sam van der Plas