Day 08

Sunday the 26th was the students’ day off. This meant that the students were free to do whatever they wanted. Many of the Finns took their guests out to try traditional Finnish pastime activities like skiing, ice skating and snow mobiling. Others just cooked, shopped and hung out at home or someone’s place. The day was meant for relaxation, but many of the students still had something to do all day. Still , the day was a much needed break from all the work they have been doing!

What did you do on your day off and how was it? Do you feel relaxed?

It was nice, we slept quite late in the morning. Then we went to Megazone (lazer gaming) with many of the other yetians. Then we had food and shopped a little bit. After that we went to Arsi’s place. It was funny because everyone thought we had gone to someone’s summer cottage but no, it was just Arsi’s home in the middle of nowhere. Then we went to the sauna and watched movies for the rest of the night.
Hilda Nieminen

c7c39b01-c2be-4b94-a713-4aaa3070cbbeAmazing. We went horse riding in Muhos. We rode Icelandic horses in the forest for 1,5 hours. Even though Icouldn’t feel my toes afterwards, I had a lot of fun! When we went home, we went to sauna, ate and took a short nap. Then we left to go to Nallikari (a beach in Oulu) to see the frozen sea and to grill sausages. We ended up going to Sonja’s place though, because it was so cold at the beach. Then we had a good night’s sleep. Now I feel very refreshed.
Caila Oostdam

The day was really nice! We had so much do to that we actually had to skip shopping and ice skating! That’s why we are a bit tired now but I think it will be okay. We had a fun day and that’s what matters.
Sonja Juutinen

We went skiing in the morning. It was Wouter’s first time skiing, but he was actually quite good at it! Later we ate Karelian stew and poffertjes (dutch mini pancakes). In the evening we went into the hot tub. Now we are nice and relaxed for what’s to come in the project!
Tomi Paavola

Pictures: Hilda Nieminen, Tomi Paavola, Sonja Juutinen, Sirpa Väisänen