Day 06

First of all, it seems to be really hard to write this morning and I don’t know why. Seems like every day is similar with each other and it’s hard to create interesting content for each day that would be different.

_DSC3847Friday was a normal rehearsing day for the students. It started with the DMPC, like always, which was the first after day 4. It was nice to talk with everyone and hear their opinions about the project so far. The art factory of the Dutch team has been designing shaders for their play to use. The days of the performances are getting closer and closer by every minute so the teams are working really hard! Also the Finnish team has a lot to work on. The art factory has been designing outfits for the actors to wear at the play.

DSC_8250At 12 o’clock we had lunch, Indian style chicken sauce with rice! Delicious! Some of the students were confused about the fact that Finns don’t always have cheese on their school to put on their bread. After the lunch the teams started to work on their scenes again. The time is running fast although it feels like a few days still!

We also asked students few questions about hosting and what they feel about Finland.

It´s good. It isn´t really weird for me to take care of someone because I have been on camps where I have to take care of younger people so I have experience. Me and my Dutchie have a lot of fun! Roope Kontio

The weather is cold, very cold. It`s a bit weird living in a Finnish household because they eat the same thing every morning. It`s different but nice. I am in love with the school though because they are very accepting here. It´s also very colourful so that´s nice. Michal Kranefuss

DSC_8235In the evening everyone gathered around at Juuso’s place to party. There was snacks, music and a lot of awesome people! The parties that we have are usually on days we have nothing else on the program for the evening. This is due to the fact that everyone needs to sleep well and if there is a lot going on in the evenings, nobody will sleep enough! Everyone really enjoyed their day and are excited for tomorrow.


Text: Arsi Paananen
Pictures: Arsi Paananen & Sam van der Plas