Day 04

DSC_8209Day 4 (Wednesday) was just a normal day of rehearsals. At 8:30 we started with the DMPC (Daily Meeting Peoples and Coordinators) which took till 9:00. Then the Finnish team went to the Art School in Oulu, around 10 minutes of walking from the school. The Dutch team stayed in the school to start with a warming up.

After the warming ups from both of the teams they started working on the play. The Dutch team did that by making some storylines. The Finnish team started by making some scenes and playing them for the whole group.

At 12:00 we had lunch. It was a soup with pieces of pig’s blood in it, rössypottu. Most people didn’t like it though, and just ate some crackers and cucumber.  When the Finnish people were done with eating their meal they went upstairs to practice something for the Floors Is Yours that would be in the evening.

DSC_8206In the afternoon the Finnish team went back to the Art School to go on with practicing on the play. The Dutch team also resumed working on the play. The Dutch team discussed how they want the story to be and created some different scenes. The Finnish team started with creating and practicing some dances to use in the play. They worked on the choreography of them and tried to make it useful for their play.

In the evening there was the Floor Is Yours. There were multiple performances variating from dancing to singing and also a lot of music was played. Everyone enjoyed the evening and made lots of fun with each other. At the last song ‘So What’ from P!nk everyone was dancing and jumping, and singing along with the band. In short words: A perfect evening!!

Text: Joost Barnhoorn
Pictures: Sam van der Plas