Day 02

The second day started with the DMPC, Daily Meeting Pupils and Coordinators, which we have at the beginning of every day. It’s the time of the day where we can discuss our past days and help each other. It seems to be one part of the day which everyone really enjoys.

DSC_8071After the DMPC the rehearsals started. For a few days the Finnish team has to go to the Art School of Oulu, just so they won’t disturb the classes at the auditorium. It also helps them to move around Oulu more. The teams rehearsed until the lunch break which was a new experience for the Dutch students. In the Netherlands the school doesn’t provide lunch for them. The students take their own food with them or buy it from the canteen.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-21 at 11.13.27When the students had finished their lunch it was time for the finishing touches of the National Presentations. The presentations are a tradition of YET in which both of the countries’ students, the Dutch and the Finns, produce a play about their country and what is really popular in their society. They have evolved from plain PowerPoint presentations to actual short plays. You can find the National presentations from our Youtube page YET18


Text: Arsi Paananen
Pictures: Sam van der Plas and Minna Korpierkki