Day 13

The last day of YET began with cleaning up. The students cleaned every space they had been using, which made it very clear that the project was ending. Suddenly, there were no more performance clothes, makeup, notebooks and chocolate lying around.

During the cleaning up the students also received their YET-tote bags and some group pictures were taken.

After all that it was time for feedback and the last comments about the play and the project. Everyone also received a small gift from the team they had been working with.

The afternoon was reserved_DSC4596 for some fun; bowling. After the bowling everyone gathered at Jenni’s place to have one last party. Some even stayed there the whole night until it was time to leave for the airport.

At 5am on Saturday morning, it was time to say goodbye. After almost an hour of hugging and crying, it was time for the Dutchies to board the plane.

For some last thoughts, we asked the participants how they felt.
The project has been incredibly important and growing for everyone participating. Now that the project is over, how do you feel?

I feel happy and sad at the same time. I feel so united and close with everyone and that just makes me cry. At the same time I cry from happiness, because this project has given me so much. Johanna Oikarinen

I feel a bit melancholic but I am also very thankful for this experience. I have so much love for everyone in this project. I have made so many new friends and experiences. I have also realized how important it is to speak your mind.
Maija Pospiech

I feel awesome. Thanks to this project I feel different. I feel more like myself.
Daniëlle Verlaan

text:Venla Aitta
photos: Arsi Paananen & Joost Barnhoorn