Day 12

_DSC4354Today, when the 2nd day of performances started, everyone was driven and determined to give it their best shot. The first performances started at 9:40 and went very well. It was noticed that there was a lack of energy, but that can be attributed to the fact that it was quite early. The 2nd performances started at 13:15 and this time there was more energy to be found and people were excited for the very last performance this evening.

All the yetians bought themselves notebooks for others to write in. This is why everyone was writing in the notebooks every minute they had to spare.

_DSC4479After the 2nd performances there was 4,5 hours of spare time and everyone did their own thing. Some people stayed in the auditorium to write in the notebooks while other people went to the city center to do things like last minute shopping or eating.

In the evening the last performances were performed, which made everyone very emotional. The night ended in tears of both happiness and sadness.

Text: Sam van der Plas
Pictures: Arsi Paananen