Day 11


The day started with a DMPC. The students discussed about yesterday’s general rehearsals and what still needed to be improved. The students felt that their energy was a bit low and also the transitions from scene to scene had to be smoother. Soon it w
as already time for the first actual performance. Today, both teams performed three times for the students of OSYK. The day was long, but the students pushed through it. The performances improved every time they performed.

When the other t_DSC4096eam was performing, the others had free time. With the project approaching its end, this was a good time to spend time with one another.

In the evening everyone went to the Pancake House to have dinner. The place was crowded and tight, but fortunately by this stage of the project all the yetians are very closely knitted anyway. After the dinner, some of the students went to Roope’s place to have a calm party._DSC4232


text: Venla Aitta
photos: Arsi Paananen