Day 07

Day seven, Saturday, was the last rehearsal day before starting the technical preparations. The teams seem a bit tired today. Rehearsals have been tiring for the students, because there is a lot to remember and rehearse.

_DSC3938   The rehearsals ended at 4 pm and the group headed towards Tuira beach to go ice swimming. Ice swimming is a popular hobby in Finland and there are ice swimming –competitions held every year. The first Ice Swimming World Championships was held in year 2000 in Helsinki. Even so, it isn’t rare to find a Finn who has never tried it.

Ice swimming is often associated with the sauna culture, although it isn’t recommended to go to sauna afterwards because that causes such big changes in body temperature and can be a health risk for some people. Ice swimming has many benefits though; it improves blood circulation and can cure different kinds of muscle aches. It also betters the _DSC3927immune system, relieves stress and helps people with sleeping difficulties. Usually it is recommended to wear a hat and woolen socks when going ice
swimming. Diving is forbidden, because the swimmer might end up drifting under the ice. After dipping in the water it is important to go inside and keep warm. Swimming when sick is not recommended.

Some of the students didn’t swim, but cheered the others on. _DSC3912

The swimming ended at six, so some of the students went to sauna at Eve’s place. Everyone was finally able to have a calm evening at home because until this day every night had been filled with different kinds of events.

text: Venla Aitta
photos: Arsi Paananen