Day 9- Day off

Sunday 16.2

On Sunday most people were tired after a long week of rehearsals and the carnival on Saturday, that ended at 2.00 am. The carnival was very crazy. There was a lot of strange music and dancing, and people wore weird costumes. The carnival had denied access for anyone under 16, so the 15-year-olds had chill parties together.

The day off was really needed because YET can be exhausting. A lot of us went to Amsterdam in small groups. There people went to cafes, Mcdonald’s, the modern art museum Moco and shopping in second hand shops. It was raining very much because of the storm and the streets of Amsterdam were flooded.

Vilma M, Noel, Alli, Melchior, Channah, Merel and Casper went to Rotterdam and visited a World War 2 museum and typical Rotterdam sights. They ate Dutch snacks there. Another group went to Leiden where they ate bagels, went to a botanical garden and vlogged the day. You can watch the vlog on our Youtube-channel later.

In the evening people relaxed and charged their social batteries for the next rehearsal day. On Monday we are having a small gathering together.

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