Tuesday 27-02-2018: Rehearsals and Dutch games

Today was a relatively normal day. We started at 8:30 with the student meetings, where we discussed certain situations, funny stories and the experiences we have encountered so far. After about half an hour the warm ups both teams started. The teams did some exercises to warm up and loosen up. After the exercises they started brainstorming about the play. About its meaning, place, story, etc. Later on they also started to act out ideas in little impro plays.

The art teams are making great progress, too. They’re making prototypes and sketches for the decor.

At 16:15 the rehearsals were over. Now we were called to the gym to play some typical Dutch games led by the Fabulous Five. We were separated into small groups and tried the games. There was for example a tug-of-war. Even the teachers tried it! In the evening we had a party at one of the Fab5 member’s place and had a lot of fun.

Mees, Ninni & Veera

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